Our Vision…

The vision of the Western School Board is of a learning organization in which all students achieve their maximum potential.

Our Mission…

By 2017 the Western School Board will have enhanced educational opportunities and supports for student achievement.

Our Values…

 Accountability Each person fulfils the roles and responsibilities of his/her assigned position in accordance with established Board policies and through the wise use of resources.
 Collaboration Each person works with other staff, partners, and stakeholders to achieve the Board’s vision.
 Commitment Each person performs his/her function in accordance with district policies to the best of his/her ability.
 Integrity Each person upholds the values of the Board and strives to achieve its goals in a consistent manner.
 Respect Each person values the input of students, staff, families, and the community and responds to their needs in a caring, thoughtful and considerate manner.
 Innovation Each person will contribute to the improvement of organizational effectiveness through continuous learning, creativity, and the implementation of best practices.

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